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Zhejiang Architectural Coatings Annual Meeting 2018 Closed

Author:    Click:167    DateTime:2018-9-19 16:26:13

       Zhejiang Architectural Coatings Annual Meeting 2018 was co-hosted by Adhesive Coating Technology Association of Zhejiang and National Chemical Building Materials Quality and Inspection Center in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province from September 9 to 11. 

       The meeting brought together experts in the chemical industry, representatives from coating manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Wu Meiqun, technical sales representative at Dow Chemical, Qian Yiping, reginal technical service manager at Dow Chemical and sales staff of Coating & Construction division of Golden Chemical, attended the meeting.

       At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Zhao Xinjian looked back on the performance of the association in the past 12 months and recognized its achievements. He said since Adhesive Coating Committee was established in 1989, Adhesive Coating Technology Association has acquired growing reputation during the past 29 years. With increasing influence of the annual meeting, the association will work harder to produce more fruitful results for the coming 30th anniversary in 2019.

       Qian Yiping gave a keynote speech on Sustainable Development of Exterior Wall Coating Material. She mentioned that with the architectural coating focusing on healthy, energy-saving and high-quality development, the real “green” and environmentally-friendly waterborne coating should be based on “green” raw material and be secured by strict management and control throughout its production, package and sale.

       Dow Chemical offers all-round energy-saving solutions to the whole process, helping coating manufacturers maximize functions of their products while meeting the standard of environment protection.